Bass-Mollett Publishers Catalog

BOX SET 14 BASS-MOLLETT PH: 800-851-4046 FAX: 800-664-9726 Information Box Sets Contents of Box Set Bass-Mollett's box sets provide an excellent way to present families with all of the printed products needed for the funeral service. They also create an attractive display, and allow you to inventory a wide variety of register books without needing to buy large quantities. • Box sets are available for most of Bass-Mollett's register books. • Most box sets offer the option to substitute the service records for 12 sheets of 8-up prayer cards. Matching prayer cards are not available for all book designs. • Economy box sets are also available . These contain: One Register Book 100 Matching Service Records 50 Matching Acknowledgments One Floral Card Envelope One Register Book 100 Matching Service Records (50 sheets of 2) 2-up and micro-perfed, blank inside 50 Matching Acknowledgments Two boxes of 25 with envelopes One Grief Pamphlet BOX-256 Plant thisheart in your garden and wildflowerswill blossom year after year inmemory of your loved one. One Floral Card Envelope One Bookmark With Laminating Pouch One "Etiquette of Acknowledgment" Pamphlet One Blooming Memory Heart TM Keepsake One Pen